Planning for Labrador

Significant work is ongoing to address the incredible energy opportunities throughout Labrador. Hydro is working closely with Indigenous peoples, customers and partners to advance these needs in our largest geographical service region.

Labrador Network Additions Policy

Load growth in Labrador is primarily driven by requests from new and existing industrial customers. The need for new transmission is addressed through the Labrador Network Additions Policy, which protects current ratepayers on the Labrador Interconnected System by limiting rate increases associated with the costs of any new asset required to serve these new load requests. The policy helps achieve a reasonable balance in the sharing of the benefits and the costs of these system investments between new and existing customers.

Forecasted Growth in Labrador

We have considered several scenarios in Labrador. Predicted growth ranges from 300 megawatts (MW) to nearly 700 MW in the next ten years. This could mean that by 2034 peak demand (1,184 MW) would nearly triple that of 2023 (422 MW). We are working with new and existing industrial customers to plan accordingly and understand the system impacts.