Our Sustainability Journey

Here at Hydro we believe it’s not only what we achieve, but how we achieve it, that allows us to be proud of what we accomplish. That’s why we work each day to minimize our impact and ensure we harness opportunities that promote a sustainable future for our province for generations to come.

People count on our energy, and we recognize the significant impact our operations can have on our environment and the people of our province, so we are passionate about continuously working towards a more sustainable future for Newfoundland and Labrador.

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Our Commitment to Sustainable Electricity

In 2018 we achieved Electricity Canada’s Sustainable Electricity Leader™ Designation which recognizes our commitment to responsible environmental, social and economic practices, and to the principles of sustainable development. As a Sustainable Electricity Leader™ we commit to actions and expectations within the ISO 26000 Guidance on Social Responsibility and every five years a verification audit is completed by Electricity Canada to ensure we’re upholding our standards and commitments.

For more information on this designation you can visit Electricity Canada’s website.

Sustainable Electricity Awards

If you’d like to read more about Sustainable Electricity Awards we have received over the years from Electricity Canada, please see below:

Advancement of an Integrated Approach to Sustainability for our energy efficiency programs (2022).
Commitment to Continuous Performance Improvement through Projects, Programs and Initiatives for our Migratory Bird Program (2020).
Advancement of an Integrated Approach to Sustainability for our development, implementation, and maintenance of an integrated sustainability strategy (2017).
Environmental Commitment Award for our work on the Ramea Project with WHD Canada (2010).