As one of our core values, safety is at the heart of all we do and a responsibility that we all share. We’re committed to keeping our employees and the public safe and encourage everyone to take an active role in their own safety and health.

Our objective? To reduce the number of workplace injuries to zero and achieve sustained safety performance across all our operations.

But we know that safety programs and initiatives can only be effective if they’re accompanied by a strong safety culture, which is why we’re focused on improving the safety culture in our workplace and our communities. To this end, we have already implemented a number of safety improvements and will continue to be relentless in our efforts to achieve our safety goals.

Safety is our number one priority—make it yours, too.

Safety around dams and reservoirs

Learn how to stay safe around dams, spillways and other hydroelectric structures.

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Downed Lines Around Vehicles

Know what (and what not) to do if your vehicle comes into contact with a downed power line.

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