At Hydro, we’re helping more and more EV drivers get rolling across the province. We lead the charge for NL’s first ever network of EV fast chargers and are working to expand that network in the very near future.

Discover the rebate programs available to help people and businesses in Newfoundland and Labrador make the switch!

In the first year of operation, our
fast-charging network has been powering
EVs all across the province:

Energy Delivered


That is enough energy to drive more than 240,000 KM in our Chevy Bolt.

Charging Sessions on
the Provincial
Network in 2021


GHG Reduction


tonnes of GHG avoided/displaced through direct charging use.


of our province’s electricity is generated from clean, renewable sources.

The majority of electricity used to charge your vehicle comes from our province’s clean, renewable energy sources. You’ll feel great driving an EV, knowing that you are helping protect the environment and contributing to a sustainable future for Newfoundland and Labrador. FIND OUT MORE.

Planning for the Future

We have a lot to look forward to. Electric vehicles are here to stay as we push towards a greener future for our province. Learn more about Hydro’s role and what is on the horizon for EVs in Newfoundland and Labrador. SEE MORE.