Our Electricity System

Here at Hydro, we are the primary supplier of electricity for our province. With more than 91 per cent of our electricity generated from renewable resources, our teams are focused on delivering the safest, most reliable, least-cost electricity to Newfoundlanders and Labradorians.

We have both regulated and unregulated operations across the province with major power generation assets in Churchill Falls, Muskrat Falls, Bay d’Espoir and Holyrood. Our provincial transmission system spans thousands of kilometers through some of the most remote and geographically challenging and isolated areas of our province. This system includes dozens of high-voltage terminal stations and lower-voltage distribution stations, connecting power from Labrador to the island and all the coves, towns and inlets along the way.

Electricty System Map

For a more detailed view of the transmission and generation assets that make up our electricity system, please click below:
Newfoundland Grid
Labrador Grid