Why Drive Electric

We have a lot to look forward to.

More and more drivers in our province are making the switch to electric vehicles.

Learn more about the benefits of driving electric in this short video.

Clean energy.

You’ll feel great driving an EV, knowing that you are helping protect the environment and contributing to a sustainable future for Newfoundland and Labrador. You’ll feel even better knowing that the majority of the electricity used to charge your vehicle comes from our province’s clean, renewable energy sources.

Cost savings.

Electricity is cleaner and cheaper than gas. A 400 km road trip in your EV would cost less than $10 at today’s electricity rates if you charged at home! To lean more, see the takeCHARGE savings calculator.

Convenient charging on the go.

The new fast-charging network will most often be used for long trips, when EVs need to recharge to keep the adventure going. With 33 chargers located from St. John’s to Labrador City, you don’t need to worry about where to get your next charge, even in a province as large as ours.

A smooth ride.

EV technology has come a long way. These vehicles are quiet, fast, and cost-effective. On top of all that, no more pumping gas in the cold, no more oil changes, no more waiting for your car to warm up in the winter – EV technology makes a lot of day-to-day driving woes disappear.

Less maintenance.

With fewer moving parts than gasoline engines, maintenance is significantly reduced with an electric vehicle. EV owners save time and money in comparison to conventional vehicle owners.

Wondering if an EV is right for you?

With more models on the market, more charging stations throughout the province, better battery range, and more drivers switching from gas to electric, EV ownership is more accessible than ever in our province.

Find everything you need to know about going electric, calculate potential savings of ownership, and decide if making the switch is right for you at takeCHARGE.