Public Advisory: Site preparation work to start at Goodyear’s Dam; flows variable

Newfoundland and Labrador Hydro (Hydro) will start preparing the site at Goodyear’s Dam on the Exploits River in central Newfoundland next week for upcoming repair work on the damaged dam.

In order for crews to complete the repairs safely and effectively, water levels on the river will be variable and lower than normal during the construction period. Flows will be in accordance with flow requirements set by Department of Fisheries and Ocean (DFO) and adjusted in a gradual fashion.

Hydro is advising residents, tourists, boaters, and anglers to use caution when engaging in recreational activities on the river. When water flows are lower, rocks and other obstacles may be close to the surface.

DFO has advised anglers that 250 metres above and below Goodyear’s Dam will be closed to angling as of July 27. Signs will be posted to indicate the closed section of the river.

Repairs are expected to take between three to six weeks to complete, depending on weather and other factors. Hydro will provide regular updates on the schedule as required.

Goodyear’s Dam is an ice control structure that protects the generation units at the Grand Falls hydroelectric dam, roughly two kilometres downstream. The dam was significantly damaged by large amounts of late spring run- off from melting snow and heavy ice.

These repairs are necessary for winter readiness in terms of ensuring generation capability at the Grand Falls hydroelectric plant this winter.

Hydro is transporting salmon upstream to enable the fish to safely bypass the breached dam. DFO has also advised anglers that 250 metres above and below Boom Landing on the Exploits River is closed for fishing. This measure is to protect salmon released in this area and enable their successful transition back into the river.