UPDATE – Power Outage Advisory: Rencontre East

Update (6:30PM, March 23rd) — All customers were restored at approximately 6PM.

Thank you to all of our customers in Rencontre East for your continued patience as our crew worked to get power restored today.

If you’re still having issues, please report it directly to 1-888-737-1296.

Previous Update:

Update (4PM, March 23rd) – As weather improved, our crew was able to complete the flyover of the line. We have identified a broken conductor as the cause of the outage. The crew is on site to complete repairs and we currently expect to have power restored by approximately 5:30PM.

Previous Update:

Update (12:30 PM, March 23rd) – Crews in the area have inspected the accessible portion of the line and unfortunately have not been able to identify any issues. Helicopter patrol of the line is required for a full assessment. A helicopter is on standby and a patrol will begin as soon as weather permits.

Thank you for your continued patience today.

For updates anytime, visit nlhydro.com/outages, or call us at 1-888-737-1296.

Previous Update:

Update: (9:30 AM, March 23rd) – Due to poor flying conditions, our crew is currently on its way to Rencontre East by boat and is expected to arrive mid-morning. We will provide another update when our crew has completed an assessment, determined repairs and has an estimated restoration time. Thanks to all our customers for your patience. Please stay safe.

Previous Update:

Update (7AM, March 23rd) – At this time, weather conditions are still not suitable for flying and crews have not been able to leave for Rencontre East. Our crew and helicopter are on standby and will travel to the area as soon as weather permits.

We will provide another update as more info is available. Please stay safe.

Previous Advisory:

March 22nd – Hydro is advising customers in Rencontre East that power will remain off in the area overnight and into tomorrow morning.

Due to weather conditions, unfortunately our crews are unable to travel to the area tonight. Weather permitting, crews will travel to the area at first light tomorrow by helicopter to complete a full assessment of the situation and determine required repairs. We will provide further updates and an estimated restoration time as soon as more information is available.

We know that outages like this are challenging for our customers – thank you for your patience. Please stay safe, and remember to check on family, friends and neighbours.

For power outage safety information, please visit https://nlhydro.com/safety/power-outage-safety/ 

For updates and information anytime,visit nlhydro.com/outages or call our customer service team at 1-888-737-1296.