Good to Know: Be Prepared for an Outage

Our teams work hard to make sure you always have reliable power, but our weather can sometimes be unpredictable. Extreme cold, ice storms, high winds and wildfires can all have an affect on our infrastructure which can sometimes result in power outages. While most power outages only last a few minutes, in extreme cases some outages may last longer.

You and your family can be prepared by:

  • Keep an emergency kit handy with flashlight, batteries, candles and matches
  • Have an updated First Aid kit and bottled water on hand
  • Make sure you have a carbon monoxide detector equipped with a batteries
  • Use a surge protector to protect your electronics

Stay in the Loop

Stay in the loop during power outages. Charge your phone, tablet and other devices when bad weather is on the way. Keep a car charger or extra battery pack ready as back up. To conserve battery power, only use your device for necessities.