Investing in Reliability

At Newfoundland and Labrador Hydro, we are committed to delivering reliable electricity service and to meeting our customer’s electricity needs.

From front line electricians, line crews, and mechanical maintenance teams who head out to work during winter storms, to the engineers and system operators who design and operate large and complex thermal and hydroelectric turbines, to the managers and supervisors who make considered decisions every day—Hydro employees across the province work hard every day.

Click on each tab of our interactive infographic below to see the major projects, upgrades, and preventative maintenance Hydro invested in last year, as well as what’s planned for 2017.

Our reliability plan is focused on rebuilding our aging electricity grid; ramping up our equipment maintenance; using newer and better software to predict customers’ power needs; and refining our emergency response protocols.

In fact, over 3,300 key actions will be completed in 2016 to help ensure the winter readiness of our electricity infrastructure. This includes preventative and corrective maintenance, upgrades, inspections, testing and capital projects.

The investments we are making in our current grid will support the future integration of Muskrat Falls and the transition from an isolated system to an interconnected system with the North American grid. Our extensive investment and modernization plans are the foundation for decades of reliable power to come.

2016 Capital Investment Highlights

Like most utilities in North America, our electricity system is aging while customer demand continues to grow. We continue to invest aggressively in upgrading and maintaining our electricity system to provide the best possible service to customers.

  • Major projects to refurbish generation equipment across the province.
    • Significant work completed at Holyrood Thermal Plant and Bay d’Espoir Hydoelectric Generating Station
    • Diesel unit replacement in Charlottetown
    • Gas turbine refurbishments in Hardwoods and Stephenville
  • Work continues on the 230kv transmission line  from Western Avalon and Bay d’Espoir terminal stations
  • Work started on the upgrade of the transmission route from Soldiers Pond to Hardwoods.
  • Installation of a new transformer at the Happy Valley -Goose Bay Terminal Station

Looking Ahead to 2017

Newfoundland and Labrador Hydro plans to invest $271.4 million in capital projects as part of its extensive capital plan to upgrade the provincial power grid and meet growing demand for electricity. This includes 105 projects focused on improving reliability by adding transmission capacity, as well as updating and replacing aging infrastructure.