Tendering Procedures

Newfoundland and Labrador Hydro publicly tenders for the following:

  • Goods and Services over $10,000
  • Work over $20,000
  • Professional Services over $100,000

Below these public tender dollar limits, quotations are requested from qualified vendors.

Documents used in the tendering process

Request for Proposal
Document used to request pricing when specifications for a product or service can not be well defined or to acquire Professional Services (such as legal, medical, engineering, architectural, environmental, accounting, land surveying, insurance brokerage and banking).

Request for Quotation
Document used to request pricing from suppliers. Commitments to purchase are normally confirmed with a Purchase Order.

Purchase Order
Document used to commit the purchase of goods or services with standard Purchasing Terms and Conditions.

Blanket Order
Document used to purchase a group of similar commodity items or services, usually for periods of a year or more.

Document, used with a Request for Quotation, providing vendors with a detailed description of the particulars of our specific requirements for custom items and services.

Tender Document
Document used to request pricing and other information from suppliers or contractors for construction, major equipment supply, transmission or distribution projects and specialty services.

Contract Document
Document used to bind both parties to a contract for performance of requirements normally associated with large construction, supply or service contracts (usually upon acceptance of a tender submitted in response to a call for tenders).

Awarding Tenders
Tenders will be awarded to the lowest evaluated bid, based on a total value analysis of the bids submitted. This analysis may include price, quality and suitability of product or service in reference to our specifications, vendor performance, delivery commitment, environmental factors, safety awareness programs, and other aspects as deemed necessary.

Supply Chain Management will post all bidder names to our website. Successful bidder and amount will be posted at time of award. All tender information is considered confidential and may only be released by Supply Chain Management.