UPDATED Transmission line offline on GNP; customers asked to reduce non-essential electricity usage during peak periods

UPDATE: 4:30PM March 24,2016

The second transmission line serving the Great Northern Peninsula has now been returned to service.

Previous Advisory:

Newfoundland and Labrador Hydro (Hydro) is advising customers that one of the two transmission lines servicing the Great Northern Peninsula remains offline after a trip last evening.

Crews have located the issue (phase fault on the line near Sally’s Cove). However, the high winds and poor weather conditions are preventing crews from making the repairs safely.

The second transmission line is in service and back up generation is being used to provide power to customers. However, temperatures are cold and forecasted demand on the system is high.

We are therefore asking customers in the region to reduce their non-essential electricity usage, particularly during peak demand periods this evening (4-9 pm) and (5-10 am) tomorrow morning to maintain system stability. Reducing energy usage during these hours will help minimize potential strain on the system.

Residents on the Northern Peninsula can assist by reducing heat by a few degrees, avoid drying clothes, and not using major appliances. Area businesses can assist by reducing lighting/signage and shutting down equipment.

Hydro will continue to monitor the system closely and will advise of any changes. We thank customers for their assistance. For updates, please follow us on social media at www.twitter.com/nlhydro and www.facebook.com/nlhydro.

For more information on conserving electricity, please see here www.nlhydro.ca