System Information

The story of how electricity gets from the power plant to your home or business is a fascinating one. Large quantities of power cannot be stored efficiently, so electricity is produced ‘upon demand’ and consumed as soon as it is produced. In order to do so, it must travel long distances across a complex network (grid) of transmission and distribution lines, terminals and substations—at close to the speed of light. Watch our video to see how it all works.

Our Provincial Grid

Hydro currently has nine hydroelectric plants, one thermal generating station, four gas turbines, and 25 diesel plants generating electricity. We also maintain 54 high-voltage terminal stations, 25 lower-voltage substations, and thousands of kilometres of transmission and distribution lines across the province.


How We Meet Our Energy Demand

Each day, NL Hydro only produces the amount of electricity needed by our customers. Visit our System Information Center to view our Current Island System Generation, learn more about how we balance our supply and demand, and to review our daily Hydro System Supply and Demand Status Reports.