Muskrat Falls Hydroelectric Generating Station

Your safety is our priority

A number of hazards can exist in and around hydroelectric generating facilities and so we advise the public to avoid the Muskrat Falls Hydroelectric Generating Station downstream of Gull Island. Remember, conditions on the river and along the banks are constantly fluctuating, can change rapidly and there’s a strong water force, both upstream and downstream of the spillway.

There are certain control measures in place at this site including fences, safety booms and warning and danger signs to alert river users of potential hazards. We also use safety sirens to alert river users when we need to release water through the spillway gates which will cause water level and flow changes. If you hear these sirens you should immediately remove yourself away from the facility. These safety measures are in place for your safety so please adhere to all signage, fences, buoys and safety booms when near the facility.

For more general information on how you can stay safe around hydroelectric facilities, please click here.

Navigating the North Spur portage trail

A portage trail has been built over the North Spur to allow river users to safely navigate around the facility. Here are a few reminders on how to safely use the portage trail:
• stay a safe distance from the seasonal floating safety boom across the river
• follow signs directing boaters to the north shore of the river
• once on the North Spur, look for signage and directional arrows to help safely guide you along the trail
• stay on the clearly-marked walkways
• for those launching a boat or accessing the North Spur from land, please obey the posted signage and follow directional arrows to the portage trail

Monitoring the performance of our facility

The Muskrat Falls Hydroelectric Generating Station has been built to the highest standards of dam safety. It has been designed, constructed and will be monitored to meet Canadian Dam Association (CDA) Guidelines for Public Safety Around Dams and a comprehensive Dam Safety Program was developed by SNC-Lavalin for this facility.

Our dam safety monitoring is designed to assess the reservoir and the permanent structures on site including the South Dam, Powerhouse, Spillway, North Dam, North Spur and three Transition Dams.

Our dam safety team uses a combination of manual and automated processes to frequently monitor the generation facilities to confirm that the structures are performing as designed. Our trained staff frequently inspect the structures and record their observations. Aerial surveys of the structures and entire reservoir area are completed regularly by helicopter.

Monitoring equipment has been installed on the dam and structures and detailed inspections, monitoring and analysis will be completed for the entire lifespan of these facilities. These instruments and equipment monitor for structure movement, water pressure, water flow and seepage, seismic acceleration, temperature and any movements in slopes, foundations and joints.

The image to the right lists the instruments installed and the conditions they monitor.