Safety Tips for Kids

SafetyBook_roundedforwebSafety is a priority at Newfoundland and Labrador Hydro. We take safety seriously and the safety of our employees and the general public is important to us. Knowing that children make up the second most prevalent group prone to electrical injuries following electricians, we believe that you are never too young to learn the importance of electrical safety.

Why my Dad’s job is so important
In 2008, Hydro published a children’s book on electricial safety because we believe you are never too young to learn about safety around electricity. Please visit our safety book site at for more information.

Tips for kids:

  • Tell your parents about damaged plugs and cords that are broken or have wires showing;
  • don’t pull on electric cords to unplug them;
  • don’t pry toast out of a toaster with a knife or fork;
  • never put anything but an electrical plug into an electrical outlet;
  • if you are standing in water, never touch electrical devices such as light switches, hair dryers, curling irons, mixers, or toasters;
  • don’t climb utility poles or trees near power lines;
  • keep kites away from power lines, and never fly metallic balloons outside;
  • if you see a fallen power line, STAY AWAY;
  • if you see anything marked “Danger,” “High Voltage,” or “Keep Out,” STAY AWAY!

School Visits
As part of our continuing commitment to the community, Hydro employees regularly visit schools in our service areas to talk about electrical safety and other energy and safety related topics. If you would like someone to come to your school, please contact us at for more information.