Safety @ Home

SafetyatHomeRoundedAt Hydro, we are focused on how we can have every employee come to work safe and healthy and return home safe at the end of every working day. Safety is about people. It’s about keeping people safe; inspiring people to work safely; motivating people to keep their peers and co-workers safe; and helping keep you and your family safe every day.

Our employees are encouraged to always keep safety on top of mind and to think safety first, both at work and at home. We all know that a safety mind-set doesn’t stop when the work day ends. It’s a concern 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We encourage you to take the time to talk about safety with your family and friends.

Safety tips for your home

  • If a fuse blows, turn off all appliances and lights on the circuit before changing the fuse;
  • when disconnecting an appliance, pull the plug, not the cord;
  • keep all cords away from heat and water;
  • if multiple electrical connections are required, use a properly rated power bar;
  • do not break off or bypass the third prong of a plug. It’s there because it’s needed for safety reasons;
  • don’t place a cord under a carpet, through a doorway, or anywhere that it could be stepped on;
  • never remove a plug when your hands are wet or when touching a metal object;
  • always unplug power tools when they are not in use or when changing an attachment on them;
  • do not stand on a damp floor or wet grass when operating power tools;
  • avoid using power tools where it’s possible for you to touch a grounded object such as a water faucet;
  • when unplugging, detach the cord from the wall socket first, then from the tool;
  • do not use a two pronged extension cord outdoors;
  • do not attempt to do any wiring in your home. Always call a qualified electrician.

Here are some excellent links to sites with great information on electrical safety

Elecsafe, a not-for-profit organization, is a good source of information on electricity safety at home, and on the job.

Electrical Safety Foundation International is another organization whose website provides comprehensive and useful information on electrical safety.

For more information on our safety programs, contact us at