Public Safety Advisory – Vandalism and theft at Stoneybrook terminal station

Newfoundland and Labrador Hydro (Hydro) has reported an act of vandalism and theft at the Stoneybrook Terminal Station in Central Newfoundland to the RCMP.

Vandals recently broke into the terminal station by cutting a hole in the fence and stole copper grounding wire connected to energized high voltage electrical equipment.

This type of activity is concerning and very dangerous. It creates serious safety risks not only for the vandals, but for Hydro employees, contractors, and to the general public.

Electrical grounding is important because it drains away unwanted buildup of electrical charge and keeps energy at a constant voltage – reducing the risk of electrical shock.

It also minimizes the susceptibility of equipment to interference; reduces the risk of equipment damage due to lightning; eliminates electrostatic buildup that can damage system components; and helps protect personnel who service and repair electrical equipment.

The danger associated with unauthorized entry and damage to electricity equipment, structures and facilities cannot be understated. Contact with exposed high-voltage equipment can result in serious injury or death.

Hydro personnel are working closely with the RCMP on this matter and people are urged to come forward if they ever witness suspicious activity near our equipment and facilities. In addition, people are reminded to obey all signs and warnings around Hydro facilities and equipment.