Public Safety Advisory – Controlled Release of Water

Newfoundland and Labrador Hydro (Hydro) is advising residents, cabin owners and travellers that controlled water releases may be required following the significant localized rainfall and associated snow melt over the weekend –


  • In the Burnt Pond and White Bear River areas of Central and Southern Newfoundland, there is a possibility of release at the Burnt Dam Spillway into the White Bear River.
  • In the Granite Canal area accessed from Central Newfoundland controlled releases may be required at the Granite Canal Bypass Structure. There is also the possibility of release from the Granite Canal Spillway and the Granite Overflow Dykes along Burnt Dam access road into Grey River.


Granite and Burnt Reservoirs are both small and so have very little storage volume. Intense rainfall and rapidly melting snow can lead to inflows greater than the capacity of the usual outlet structures and therefore require controlled release of water through other structures. People are advised to use these areas with great caution as water levels may be unpredictable. Water releases at spillways could begin at any time.