Public Safety Advisory – Controlled Release of Water

Newfoundland and Labrador Hydro is advising residents, cabin owners and travellers near its hydroelectric systems that all reservoir levels remain high.  Rainfall over the past 24-36 hours has created a requirement for additional controlled releases of water out of some reservoirs.

We will continue to release water at the Star Lake Spillway into Star Brook and then Red Indian Lake in Central Newfoundland.

We will continue to release water at the Granite Canal Bypass structure.

We are currently releasing water at the Burnt Dam Spillway into White Bear River in Central Newfoundland.

We will release water at North Salmon River in Central Newfoundland within the next 24 hours.

There is also a potential for releases at the Granite Overflow Dykes along the Burnt Dam access road into Grey River in Central Newfoundland.

People are advised to use reservoir areas with great caution as water levels and flows are unpredictable.