Power restoration to start for Mud Lake

The power restoration process will start today for the community of Mud Lake.

Newfoundland and Labrador Hydro (Hydro) is working with the provincial departments of Service NL and Municipal Affairs and Environment to implement a restoration and safety plan for residents.

Each house  in the flood zone is required to have an electrical inspection by a provincial inspector with Service NL before power is restored.

Depending on the extent of water damage, it may be necessary for an electrician to complete additional work to ensure safety.

Hydro will reconnect power on an individual basis once Service NL gives the authorization that it is safe to proceed.

Further information for residents is available at the Red Cross reception centre at the Broomfield Arena in Happy Valley- Goose Bay.

Safety Information

  • Use extreme caution when returning to the home.
  •  The main electrical panel must be cleaned, dried, and tested by an inspector or qualified electrician to ensure that it is safe.
  •  Do not use any appliances, heating, pressure, or sewage systems until electrical components have been thoroughly cleaned, dried, and inspected. Appliances that may have been flooded pose a risk of shock or fire when turned on.
  •  Do not use a generator to run appliances until all appliances, as stated above, have been inspected and determined to be undamaged, dry, and safe to use.
  •  Never use a barbecue or other fuel-burning appliance inside a home, garage or vehicle as carbon monoxide can build up in these appliances which can lead to serious injury or death. Any use of a portable generator should be done outside.
  • Do not go near any exposed wiring.

Contact Information

Mud Lake residents who have concerns or questions about the inspection process, electrical issues, water/sewer, or oil tanks can contact the Department of Service NL, Government Service Centre in Happy Valley-Goose Bay, 2 Tenth Street, at 709-896-5428 and 709-896-5430.

Department of Municipal Affairs, Fire and Emergency Services, can be contacted 24/7 for advice and guidance: 709-729-3703

Please report any issues after power is restored to Hydro’s customer service line at customerservices@nlh.nl.ca or 1.888.737.1296.


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