Power Outage Advisory – Extended outage in Cartwright

Customers in Cartwright are advised that power will likely remain out for an extended period (6-8 hours) as crews deal with an equipment issue in the substation.

A new transformer was being installed in the substation today when crews encountered an unexpected issue.  Hydro crews will continue to work on the issue through the night, however customers should prepare for an extended outage as it may take 6-8 hours for full restoration.

Hydro understands that all power outages are challenging and is working to restore power for our customers in Cartwright as soon as possible.

Please stay safe – visit our website for information on power outage safety .

When your power goes out remember the following:

  • Use flashlights over candles when possible;
  • turn off all your light switches, leave one on to signal you when the power comes back on;
  • turn off all appliances with sensitive electronics such as your garage door opener, VCRs, microwaves, televisions, computers, etc;
  • don’t turn off your refrigerator or freezer – you might forget to turn them back on;
  • Check on your friends and neighbours;
  • Never use a portable generator indoors, including inside a garage or other enclosed or partially enclosed area.

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