Power Outage Advisory – December 18 – Upper Lake Melville Area

December 14, 2016

Newfoundland and Labrador Hydro is advising that emergency repair work will be completed on a disconnect switch in the Churchill Falls switchyard in order to ensure reliability this winter.

This work will impact Hydro customers in the Upper Lake Melville Area. The work will be completed overnight Sunday (December 18) starting at 11:00 pm into Monday (December 19) ending at approximately 5:00am.

Crews attempted to complete this work without a customer outage a few weeks ago, however in order to successfully and reliably make the repair, it has now been determined that a customer outage is required. Hydro is able to provide power to the majority of residential customers in the HVGB area with back-up emergency generation. Unfortunately, given the load this time of year, some customers will remain off for the duration of the work.

We apologize for the inconvenience this power interruption may cause. This work is essential in terms of ensuring system reliability.

Customers in the following areas will be affected:

• In Happy Valley- Goose Bay, the following streets will be affected:
Birch Island Rd

Broomfield Street

Cabot Cres (K St to Grenfell St)

Courte Manche Rd

Goose Ave

Grenfell Street (Grand St To Hamilton River Rd)

Hamilton River Rd (from the Provincial Greenhouse to the United Church. However, the Fire Hall and the United Church will not be impacted).

Hillcrest Rd

K Street

Royal Street

Strathacona Street

Tenth St (Hamilton River Rd to Hunt St)

Terrington Ln

• CFB 5 Wing Goose Bay Base and the German Hangar
• Lower Tank Farm including DND Tower
• All Customers on Churchill Falls Rd up to and including Dome Mountain
• All customers from M.O.T. Hill to and including Spruce Park

Visit our website for information on how to prepare and stay safe during power outages – http://www.nlhydro.com/system-information/power-outage-safety/ and follow our social media sites – www.twitter.com/NLHydro and www.facebook.com/NLHydro for additional information.