Transmission and Rural Operations

Transmission and Rural Operations (TRO) is responsible for the operation and maintenance of all Hydro transmission and distribution systems, three gas turbines, one frequency converter, one mini-hydro plant and 25 diesel plants.

The transmission grid system includes all 69 kilovolt (kV), 138 kV and 230 kV transmission lines and terminal stations. Generation and rural areas include small hydro plants and diesel plants with associated bulk fuel storage, substations and distribution lines up to 25 kV.

TRO is structured in three regions: Labrador, Northern and Central, with Regional Offices located in Happy Valley-Goose Bay, Port Saunders and Bishop’s Falls.

The following is a list of transmission and generation assets maintained by the TRO division:

TRO Labrador
Thermal (Diesel)
Happy Valley Goose Bay, 11.7 MW
Mud Lake, 0.1 MW

Thermal (Gas Turbine)
Happy Valley Goose Bay, 27 MW

Thermal (Diesel)*
Black Tickle
Paradise River

TRO Central
All terminal stations, as related to the transmission and distribution.

Thermal (Gas Turbine)
Hardwoods, 50 MW
Stephenville, 50 MW

Thermal (Diesel)**
Grey River
Little Bay Islands
St. Brendan’s

**Total of 6.5 MW for 6 Thermal (diesel)
sites on the Island.

TRO Northern
Thermal (Diesel)*
Mary’s Harbour
Norman Bay
Port Hope Simpson
St. Lewis
Williams Harbour

*Total of 22.7 MW for 15 thermal sites in
TRO Labrador and TRO Northern

Thermal (Diesel)
Hawke’s Bay, 5 MW
St. Anthony, 9.7 MW

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