Thermal Generation

Holyrood Video Capture

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The Holyrood Thermal Generating Station, located in the Town of Holyrood and bordering Conception Bay South, is a thermal generating facility which burns 0.7% sulphur fuel. The Holyrood plant is a major source of electrical energy to the province, generating on average, between 15 and 25% of the island’s electricity annually.

Put in service in 1969, the Holyrood Generating Station consists of three turbines for a total generating capacity of 490 megawatts (MW). In a single year the plant produces over three billion kilowatt hours of electricity and has the capability to generate up to 40% of the island’s annual energy needs, if required. In peak production, the plant burns approximately 18,000 barrels of oil per day.

Hydro is committed to protecting the environment and continues to focus on reducing emissions from its diesel and thermal generating facilities. We have made a tremendous investment through environmental monitoring programs, operational controls and fuel changes to ensure continual improvement in emissions at the Holyrood plant. We have also invested in many upgrades and initiatives at the plant to help improve our environmental performance which include:

  • implementing an emissions reduction strategy
  • using a cleaner fuel to reduce emmissions
  • optimizing overall plant efficiency through the use of state-of-the-art control and performance monitoring software to reduce air emissions and the amount of fuel consumed per kilowatt hour produced
  • maintaining a comprehensive ISO 14001 Certified Environmental Management System
  • minimizing the use of auxiliary power to improve conversion efficiency, generate more power for the fuel burned and reduce air emissions
  • operating five Ambient Air Monitoring stations in the surrounding communities
  • using a Continuous Opacity Monitoring System to measure emissions density
  • conducting regular stack emission testing to measure particulate, metals and sulphates in the stacks
  • maintaining onsite treatment of all wastewater produced in the generation of electricity
  • maintaining an emergency response program to reduce environmental risk to the community and environment
  • using silencing equipment and improved operating procedures to reduce noise emissions

Community Liaison Committee
As a member of the community, Hydro is committed to working with residents and government in the Holyrood and Conception Bay South (CBS)  area to ensure the safe and efficient operation of the plant.

A Community Liaison Committee (CLC) was established in 1998 to facilitate communication between Hydro and area residents and municipal representatives. The purpose of the CLC is to promote open communication with area stakeholders and provide them with an avenue to bring forward concerns on environmental or other issues relating to the operation of the plant.

The CLC is made up of representatives from town councils of Holyrood and CBS, a community representative, the Department of Environment and Conservation, Health and Community Services Board (Eastern Region), and representatives from the Holyrood Generating Station. The CLC meets bi-monthly.

The CLC also meets regularly with municipal officials from the town of CBS, the Departments of Environment and Conservation and Health to review concerns and compliance with environmental programs. The CLC works to inform local residents about the environmental programs implemented in Holyrood to support our commitment to environmental responsibility and to the community.

Holyrood Plant Marine Terminal

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Plant Tours
Employees at the Holyrood Plant host an Open House for our neighbours every year during Environment Week, which is the first week of June. Information about the details of the Open House is advertised in the local paper during Environment Week.

We also provide tours of the plant for the public. If you are interested in arranging a tour of the facility please contact 709.229.2189 or email

Public Feedback and Contact
The Holyrood plant tracks calls from the public on our operations. We encourage your to let us know if you have any concerns or comments. Contact our Community Line 24-hours a day, seven days a week at 709.229.7441.



Hydro submits Holyrood Unit One investigation results and restoration application to the Public Utilities Board
On April 2, 2013, Hydro filed a capital budget application with the Public Utilities Board for the restoration of Unit One at the Holyrood Plant. This unit shut down due to an electrical disturbance that originated in the high-voltage switchyard at the Holyrood terminal station during a severe winter storm on January 11, 2013. The following links provide additional information:

Technical Briefing
Capital Budget Application: Unit 1 Turbine and Generator Restoration