Hydro Generation

Hydroelectric Video Screen Capture

Click here to watch a video about hydro electric generation in Newfoundland and Labrador

Hydro is the primary generator of the power Newfoundlanders and Labradorians use every day. In 2013, Hydro supplied a peak demand of 1,501 MW.

Our generating assets, consist of nine hydroelectric plants, one oil-fired plant, four gas turbines and 25 diesel plants. In addition, Hydro has entered into a number of power purchase agreements with non-utility generators to supplement its own generation capacity.

Hydro Generation maintains all hydroelectric generation plants on the island:

Bay d’Espoir, 613 MW
Cat Arm, 134 MW
Upper Salmon, 84 MW
Hinds Lake, 75 MW
Granite Canal, 40 MW
Paradise River, 8 MW
Snooks Arm and Venams Bight, 1 MW
Roddickton, 0.4 MW