Holyrood Plant Marine Terminal

Holyrood plant Marine Terminal
The Holyrood plant has been operating for nearly 40 years and is a critical asset to supply electricity to the island of Newfoundland. A marine facility was constructed in 1969 to offer access for the delivery of oil, which is used at the plant to generate electricity. Infrastructure at the marine facility consists of a concrete deck supported on circular steel piles and a causeway supported on piled bents. The docking and unloading platform is designed to distribute the force of vessels approaching the platform to dock. Although six to ten vessels service the terminal annually, only one vessel can be accommodated at a time.

Marine Terminal Guidelines
The Holyrood plant’s marine terminal guidelines outline the plant’s operational requirements and emergency procedures for visiting ships. They provide information to owners, operators, managers, charterers and masters of tankers with regard to safety regulations, general conditions, terminal facilities and available services at the terminal. All ships visiting the port should be familiar with the guidelines in advance of arrival.

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