Hydro continues to monitor active fires in the province, no customer impacts at this time

Hydro is closely monitoring active fires in central Newfoundland and are in frequent contact with our colleagues in the Department of Fisheries, Forestry, and Agriculture, as well as Emergency Response teams.

Hydro’s protocol during a forest fire is to keep transmission lines in service to ensure that the system remains as intact as possible and help confirm that lines are operable.

The two primary transmission lines in the area are both steel structures that deliver power from Bay d’Espoir to central and western portions of the Island system. While both remain in service, our teams are monitoring to ensure that there is no risk to customers in the event that there is a trip of one or both transmission lines.

While unforeseen circumstances may arise, we are not anticipating any outages to island customers at this time. As required, Hydro will adjust planned capital and maintenance work schedules to ensure the safety of personnel and reliable operation for customers.

As the situation evolves, our teams will continue to monitor and mitigate risks, and are at the ready respond to impacts if needed.