Update: Springdale Terminal Station


Conditions at the Springdale terminal station in Central Newfoundland have improved.

Crews were able to access the site yesterday afternoon and have started the process of cleaning up and assessing the damage due to the flooding. The impacted transmission line has been restored to service.

Hydro continues to advise the public is to stay clear of this high voltage terminal station.

 April 30, 2015- UPDATE

Water levels have receded slightly and the situation continues to be monitored closely at the Springdale terminal station located in Central Newfoundland on Little Bay Road.

There are still safety concerns on the site due to the large amounts of water and Hydro is advising residents to continue to stay away from the station grounds. Crews will not be working on the site until it is deemed safe.

April 29, 2015 –

Flooding at the Springdale terminal station located in Central Newfoundland on Little Bay Road, has created a safety risk and Newfoundland and Labrador Hydro (Hydro) is asking residents to stay clear of the area.

Hydro is also advising that one of the two transmission lines into the Springdale station has tripped, likely due to the water issues caused by the heavy rain and melting snow.

Little Bay Road has been closed and crews are unable to travel to the station. There is currently no customer impact but there is an increased possibility of power outages in the Springdale, Little Bay and Kings Point areas. Hydro would like to remind customers of the importance of being prepared and staying safe in the event of outages.

If you see a downed power line, stay back 30 metres and contact Hydro immediately at 1-888-737-1296.

This advisory is part of Hydro’s commitment to keep customers informed on the status of the electricity system and significant system events.


Springdale Terminal Station