Hydro advising customers of significant work ongoing on electricity system

Bottom Brook Terminal Station – Work is ongoing to connect to the new Maritime Link

Hydro would like to advise our customers that over the next several months there will be a significant amount of work occurring on our provincial electricity system to bring new transmission equipment into service and improve overall reliability for our customers. During this time, we will need to temporarily take some pieces of equipment offline.

While we do not anticipate unplanned customer outages as a result of this work, whenever new equipment is brought online, or when equipment is taken offline, there is an increased risk.

Construction has been ongoing for some time on new transmission equipment such as; Hydro’s new transmission line from Bay d’Espoir to the Avalon Peninsula, Nalcor’s Labrador-Island Transmission link and new line from Muskrat Falls to Churchill Falls, and Emera’s Maritime Link.

Over the next several months equipment will continue to be connected into our existing electricity system. In some cases, there will be planned outages to enable interconnection of new assets and customers will be notified of those well in advance.   Information is always available on our website for our customers to learn ways to prepare for and stay safe during outages.

How to be Prepared

To ensure our customers are informed as work is carried out, we will share advisories when a major piece of equipment is removed from service, added or commissioned, or whenever outages are planned. These advisories will be available on our website (here) and shared on our social media sites.

We appreciate your patience as this important work is completed to strengthen the electricity system in the province and improve reliability for our customers.