High power testing continues on Labrador-Island Link transmission line

Significant work continues to be carried out on our electricity system to test and commission the Labrador Island Link transmission line, which brings power from the Muskrat Falls plant in Labrador to the Soldier’s Pond terminal station on the island.

High power testing will continue to be carried out again tomorrow, September 2, from 8AM-5PM.

With this level of testing, there is an increased risk of an equipment trip which could cause a brief outage (less than 30 minutes) for some customers.

Outages that occur when a piece of equipment suddenly trips offline, are designed to protect our system from further equipment issues. They are called Under Frequency Load Shedding events. Hydro manages the system with reserve electricity supply available, which allows us to restore customers quickly during these events. Learn more here.

We’ll be monitoring the system closely during testing and will keep customers informed on the status of the system if any issues arise.

For timely information, follow us on Facebook and Twitter.  We appreciate your patience as this important work is completed to strengthen the electricity system in the province.