Have a Safe and Happy Halloween!

Avoid electrical and other safety hazards to ensure everyone has a safe and happy Halloween this year. Here are some reminders:

Be aware of tripping hazards

Some spooky decorations and noise-makers require electrical cords. Do your best to keep your front steps and walkways clear of power cords — ensuring they’re securely out of the way can prevent tripping hazards for all those eager trick-or-treaters.

Inspect before you connect

Before you plug in, check for any faulty cords, frayed wires or damaged decorations.

Don’t overload electrical power bars

Plugging more cords into a single outlet can overload the outlet.  

Avoid extension cord “daisy chains”

Linking multiple extension cords together can pose a fire hazard. 

Power off before bed

Rather than leave Halloween lights and decorations on all night long, it’s safer to turn them off and unplug before you go to be, to avoid potential fire hazards.