Why We Plan Outages

A Hydro employee stands in the bucket of a skylift, attending to the electricity wires outside of a residential home.

Ongoing maintenance of our electricity system is necessary to ensure the safe and reliable delivery of power to homes and businesses all year long.

Planned outages on equipment, as well as customer power outages, are implemented when maintenance or routine repair work on the system is necessary. They are scheduled to occur during times when it would be less disruptive to the customer and overall system reliability can be maintained. They usually take place over the spring, summer, and fall months.

To learn more:

Planned power outages are listed here.

Transmission outages are posted in real time by the NL System Operator and can be viewed here.

Other generation and transmission outages are reported daily to the Public Utilities Board and can be viewed here.

Any equipment outages that may increase system vulnerability or risk to customers will be published through customer advisories and available in our news feed and Twitter and Facebook channels.