Using drones to reduce outage interruptions

DC Line Fault protection is just one of many measures Hydro uses to ensure the reliability of our service. DC line fault protection refers to the measures and mechanisms put in place to detect, isolate, and mitigate faults or abnormalities that could occur in direct current (DC) power transmission lines and cause service disruption. This video from James Nugent, HVDC Engineer, shows a drone used to confirm DC Line Fault (DCLF) protection by contacting a grounded wire to the pole conductor. With the fault applied, DCLF protection works to clear the fault and the healthy pole compensates, keeping system impact to a minimum. An HVDC line fault locator is then used to quickly determine the location of the issue allowing line crews to be dispatched to the area. Thanks James for sharing another way Hydro is working to minimize customer outage interruptions! Check it out here.