Staying Safe in Your Own Backyard

Summer is a time for home improvement projects – a great way to get outside, use your creativity, and tidy up your yard. However, it’s important to always make sure you’re doing things safely.

We wanted to share some tips on how you can prepare your yards for summer while keeping safety top of mind.

  • Check the lines: After a tough winter, checked for cracked or sagging tree branches . If branches or other objects comes into contact with power lines, it can cause safety hazards and power outages. Do a visual check of the lines around your property to make sure there isn’t anything touching them, and if you notice something amiss, call us at 1.888.737.1296.
  • Trimming trees: To stay safe, carefully plan any landscaping projects. If you’re planting new trees or shrubs, keep in mind the height and shape of the mature plant so you won’t have a problem once it’s fully grown.
  • Look up and around: Contact with powerlines is very dangerous. Anytime you have to work near a power line it’s important to plan ahead.This means ladders, trampolines, tree trimming – any project that might see you off the ground deserves a good look up and planning before proceeding.
  • Patio lights: Make sure your lights and extension cords are marked “for outdoor use” before installing.
  • Outlets: Make sure outdoor outlets have a weatherproof cover to ensure water doesn’t get in. A closed cover can be picked up at your local hardware store.
  • Cords and tools: Always store cords and tools in dry areas like a shed or your basement. If it’s raining, think twice about using this equipment outside and always check the manufacturer’s label for safety guidelines.
  • Ladders: Metal ladders present a high risk when in close contact with power lines. Ensure you stay at least5.5 metres (18 feet) away and opt for a wooden ladder if available.

If you are ever unsure about how to stay safe around electricity, you can contact us to learn more.