Landmark moment as Labrador Island Link is commissioned

April 8 was a momentous day for Hydro as the final high-power testing of the Labrador Island Link was completed successfully. With the tests concluded, and finalization and acceptance of required documentation by our internal partners and external project partners and their oversight team, commissioning of the Labrador Island Link is confirmed to have occurred on April 14, 2023. This also marks the successful commissioning of the full project, with the Muskrat Falls generating station and the Labrador Transmission Assets already completed and commissioned.

Earlier this week, the Honourable Andrew Furey, Premier of Newfoundland and Labrador, visited with Hydro’s leadership and the team who lead the Labrador Island Link testing to offer his congratulations in person.

“This is such an amazing achievement for all of Hydro, especially for the incredible team who’ve worked so hard for so long to get this transmission project successfully across the line,” said President & CEO Jennifer Williams. “It’s a testament to their unending perseverance and professionalism, always laser-focused on finding solutions. With the link’s completion, added to the generating plant at Muskrat Falls, we have significant and valuable new electricity assets that are benefiting our province now, and will for decades to come. I sincerely thank those involved, those who contributed in a large way and others in smaller and supporting ways, as well as those across the organization who have been keeping all other aspects of our business running and supporting our province. We are an incredible team and I believe those we serve are seeing that in us.”