Holiday Safety Tips

Here are our top tips to ensure you and your loved ones enjoy a safe and happy holiday.

1. Always check your lights and electrical decorations for damage before putting them up. Cracked plugs or sockets, exposed or frayed wires, and loose connections, could cause a shock or start a fire.

2. Choose the right lights and decorations – many are rated for either indoor or outdoor use so use the type that works for your needs. Only use products that are approved by the Canadian Standards Association (CSA), or other certification agency.

3. Don’t overload any electrical outlets or extension cords, as circuits can overheat and pose a fire hazard.

4. Avoid stringing multiple strands of lights together. This can blow a fuse or cause a fire.

5. Protect electrical cords from damage. Don’t run cords under carpets, through doorways, next to heat sources, or in places where they can be damaged by furniture. Use proper clips to secure lights, rather than staples or nails.

6. Never remove the third prong on plugs to make them fit in a two prong outlet—this grounding pin is meant to prevent shock and should never be removed.

7. If you’re outside, ensure your ladder is away from overhead power lines before putting up your lights.

8. Don’t leave cooking equipment unattended and turn off burners if you have to leave the room.

9. Turn off and unplug lights and decorations when you’re leaving the house or going to bed — this saves energy and prevents the risk of fire.

10. Holiday lights and decorations can deteriorate over time when exposed to the elements. Remember to take them down when the holidays are over to prevent them from cracking, which can pose a risk of shock or fire.