Get to Know: Tyler Thompson, P&C Engineer

September 19th, 2023
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For Tyler, no two days look alike. Whether it’s providing technical information for corporate reporting, completing outage investigations or responding to operational challenges, he enjoys the mental exercise that comes with his role, and the people he gets to work with along the way.

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Tell us a little about yourself.

I was raised in Mount Pearl along with my sister and twin brother. I completed my Electrical Engineering degree at Memorial University and began working at Hydro in 2015 as a graduate engineer in Churchill Falls. Since then, I have worked with Hydro in both technical services and project execution roles. Outside of work I enjoy playing guitar and riding dirt bike.

Describe your role here at Hydro.

I currently work as an HVDC (high voltage direct current) Protection and Control Engineer for the Power Supply Operations Support Engineering Team. For the last few years this has involved completing the commissioning of the Labrador-Island Link along with supporting our operations group with day-today activities in running this new transmission line.

What does an average day look like for you?

I’m not sure I know what an average day is! Honestly, no two days are the same. It could be responding to operational issues, providing technical information for corporate reporting, completing outage investigations, or working on the delivery of protection and controls software for the transmission line from Labrador to the island. Sometimes I wish it could be a little more predictable, but I do enjoy the challenges and the people I get to interface with because of it.

What made you want to come to work at Hydro?

I completed the last work term of my engineering program in Churchill Falls and really enjoyed the work environment and the possibility to get excellent field-level work experience as a fresh engineer. I applied for a position on the graduate engineer rotation and was able to start my first placement in Churchill Falls. I was very fortunate to have several people help mentor me through all sorts of technical challenges. I find it rewarding now, as I continue to challenge myself and learn new things, that I can do the same and pass on what I know to others that I work with.

What’s something about your job that you think most people may not know?

A lot of my job involves responding to issues as they arise – and they don’t like to show up between 8am and 4pm! You get a lot of mental exercise in this role, troubleshooting issues and trying to find immediate solutions as well as longer term improvements.

What role does your team play in ensuring Hydro can provide safe, reliable power to our customers?

The new transmission line from Labrador to the island provides the primary path for power generated at Muskrat Falls to serve customers on the island and beyond. There are two main ways our team helps accomplish that. First, we ensure the transmission line can deliver safe, reliable power. Protection and control software is at the heart of that, and it is a very complex system – making it an extremely important aspect of getting this power to our customers. Secondly, when operating issues with the transmission arise, our team immediately investigates the cause, recommends solutions, and ensures those solutions are working as intended. It’s a process of continual improvement and we’ve had our share of challenges, but we always keep this goal top of mind.

What is the biggest reason you’re motivated to do your best work here every day?

I like pushing myself to learn new things and take on new challenges. In my current role I’ve been pushed to learn a whole new type of technology that we’ve never used before as a company. There’s been a lot of difficult points in that process but it’s rewarding to go through those challenges together and be helpful to others with the knowledge I’ve gained through these experiences.