Get to Know: Melissa Hardy, Customer Care Supervisor

March 2nd, 2023
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Melissa is Hydro’s Customer Care Supervisor. She knows people are counting on us, so she goes above and beyond to help ensure our customers get the service they expect and deserve.

What does an average day look like for you?
Making sure we are providing the best customer service experience is our priority every single day. On a daily basis I interact with our Customer Service Representatives and our Meter Readers who are out in our communities interacting with our customers right where they live. Sometimes, providing a listening ear for a customer who has a challenging question or issue is the most important thing I’ll do in a day. Otherwise, myself and the team regularly interact with our customers regarding meter reading, billing, general account inquiries and power outages.

How would you describe your job to your friends and family?
I’d say that I am a part of a dedicated team who helps keep the lights on so you can bake bread and boil the kettle to have a cup of tea. But when the power does go out on that stormy day, I am also one of the people who will help keep you updated on why it’s out and when it will be back on.

Melissa Hardy, Customer Care Supervisor

What made you want to come to work at Hydro?
I heard so many great things about Hydro as an excellent place to work and a company that cares about its employees. I started with Hydro in 2011, originally with the Human Resources team after completing a Bachelor of Business Administration and diploma in Human Resources from CNA. I joined the Customer Service team in early 2019 and am thrilled to be in this role.

What’s something about your job that you think most people may not know?
I think people would be surprised to know that we have just 5 Customer Service Representatives in our call center – but those 5 people are knowledgeable experts, with great passion and pride, who are available to answer calls to over 38,000 customers.
I think people may also be surprised to know that our meter readers go out in all types of weather and challenging conditions to read meters. We try really hard to make sure meters get read, so they aren’t estimated. This helps ensure billing accuracy and can also help to proactively identify any damaged meters or wires so customers get reliable service.

What role do you and your team play in ensuring Hydro can provide safe, reliable power to our customers?
We are often the first point of contact regarding a power outage – so we are a critical to getting crews dispatched quickly for investigation and repair. We also know that during outages and issues, our customers are counting on us to provide timely and accurate information so they can plan accordingly. So we work hard to meet those expectations of our customers.
I also do everything possible to ensure our customers are being considered in any decisions that affect them, especially when it comes to timing and length of planned power outages. Being a listening ear when they find themselves in a tough situation is so important – to know they can talk to someone who will listen, be respectful and be customer-focused, really matters.

What motivates you to do your best work here every day?
At the end of the day, I’m also an electricity customer, so I know what people expect from us. That motivates me to bring my best to the job every single day.

What’s the most rewarding thing about your role in Customer Care?
The people! I am a people person and respect each and everyone’s opinions and thoughts. Be it a customer or a colleague – I love hearing different perspectives on a situation.

For more information about how we communicate with our customers, check out this short video.