Get to Know: Maria Oliver, Energy Marketing Analytics Specialist

A photo of Maria Oliver, Energy Marketing Analytics Specialist, seated at her desk.

As a seasoned energy marketing professional, Maria enjoys delving into data and details to support Hydro’s 24/7 energy trading operations. Things are constantly changing and there’s always something new to learn.

Maria Oliver has been with Hydro’s Energy Marketing team for 10 years. She currently works as an Energy Marketing Analytics Specialist, out of our Hydro Place office, but has worked in several roles since joining Hydro in 2014. Maria joined Hydro shortly after graduating from Memorial University with a Bachelor of Commerce Honours (Co-op), starting as a Real-Time Energy Marketer in 24/7 energy trading operations. In 2017 she became the Senior Supervisor of Real-Time Energy Marketing and is now in her third year with the Analytics team.

We sat down with Maria to find out more about her role.

My Day

Energy trading at Hydro operates around the clock. It requires constant collaboration among various teams including Analytics, Real-Time Marketing, Traders, IT, and Regulatory, as they prepare potential energy trades, transmission purchases, financial transmission rights, and performance reporting. The energy market is continually evolving, so it’s critical to understand the impact that has on the markets where we sell energy and our Energy Marketing operations overall.

My daily routine involves collecting and analyzing data to support trading operations and to maximize opportunities for energy sales. This involves tracking and reporting, monitoring market conditions and trends, analyzing past and present activities, and forecasting future trends and opportunities. My role also extends to developing processes and procedures for reporting and tracking, and how this all gets used, communicated, and distributed.

Every afternoon our entire Energy Marketing group meets to provide an update on the current day, plan for the days ahead, and discuss any issues or requirements as a group. It’s a set time for all of us to collaborate on a daily basis, outside the other work we’re doing. Energy Marketing is an exciting world where there is always something happening, and being on the Analytics team means there is always something new to learn. No day is like the other, which means there’s never a dull moment and the job is always interesting!

My Inspiration

I enjoy developing processes and reporting and tracking mechanisms, shaping how strategies and operations are executed, and digging into the details to find the “why”. Attention to detail is so important. Most of all, I enjoy learning something new and applying that learning to benefit our operations. I have high standards and love to challenge myself, so the expectation that every little detail needs to be thought of to make the right connections to our operations is something that drives me to do my best.

My Motivation

I feel lucky to be part of such an amazing team, all as dedicated to the success of our work as I am. I am proud to have been a part of this team since the beginning – when Energy Marketing first brought all scheduling and real-time trading operations inside the organization. I was part of all our firsts: the first time we successfully scheduled a megawatt-hour of energy from Churchill Falls to market ourselves; when we scheduled the first megawatt-hour of energy that flowed across the Maritime Link from Nova Scotia to Newfoundland; and when Muskrat Falls and the Labrador Island Link were commissioned – further evolving our operations. So much hard work, dedication, and collaboration goes into everything we do. I’ve enjoyed working with our entire Energy Marketing team, watching both the team and our operations grow and evolve. I’m thankful for how we tackle everything that comes our way together – it’s extremely rewarding and motivating.