Get to Know: Arthur Altoé, Graduate Electrical Engineer

Powering our province is a task Arthur Altoé is definitely up for. As a graduate electrical engineer at our Holyrood site, he uses his skills and knowledge to flourish in the fast-paced environment and assist his team. Learn more about Arthur below.

Tell us a bit about yourself.

I am a recent graduate of Memorial University with a Bachelor of Engineering Degree in Electrical Engineering and am in Hydro’s graduate program. I was born in Brazil and have lived in Canada for the past six years. Coming from a place where temperatures are always positive, I experienced snow for the first time when I moved to Newfoundland. Since then, I have fallen in love with this island and have enjoyed living here, meeting new people, hiking the East Coast Trail, and volunteering in the community.

During my studies, I completed five work terms: three in Newfoundland and two in Ottawa. My last two work terms were with Hydro, at Hydro Place, where I was provided meaningful and challenging experiences, which helped me land my current position in Hydro’s graduate program.

What drew you to joining Hydro’s graduate program?

Hydro’s graduate program offers a comprehensive experience towards becoming a Professional Engineer. It includes the mentorship of knowledgeable engineers and the opportunity to work in the field. As a young engineer, working in the field is extremely valuable. It provides a better understanding of how engineering jobs are executed and how the company operates. In addition to technical expertise, the graduate program offers opportunities for professional development and potential for employment after the program.

What projects have you been working on lately?

For my first rotation, I was placed at the Holyrood Thermal Generating Station (HTGS). I am working in the Long Term Asset Planning (LTAP) group, under the supervision of the Plant Electrical Engineer. In this position, I have collaborated with plant personnel to design and improve maintenance plans of electrical equipment, such as transformers and generator bushings, and I have managed a project to replace the heat detectors of a fire system. I was also involved in the overhaul of one of the generators, which allowed me to see the machine disassembled and learn about the various electrical tests that need to be performed during a generator overhaul. Additionally, I support and learn from the electricians while they perform maintenance on existing equipment.

What do you like about your current position?

I like the fast-paced environment. Priorities can change very quickly if a generator trips or something that affects production happens in the plant. Hydro strives to mitigate this type of event, but sometimes equipment fails or natural events, such as blizzards, may cause the system to trip. During situations like that, it can be very stressful as we must work hard to restore power for customers as quickly and safely as possible. However, figuring out what the problem is and coming up with a solution is very rewarding. I also enjoy being able to go in the plant to gather information whenever I need. Be it a question to an operator or a picture of a nameplate, I can do it almost immediately.

What will happen next in the graduate program?

After my rotation in Holyrood is done, I will be placed in another location, where I will be able to broaden my knowledge about the company, collaborate with other employees, and strengthen my technical skills. I hope to continue to receive challenging responsibilities so that I can continue to expand my knowledge and skills.