Capital Project Gives New Life to Upper Salmon Generating Station

February 20th, 2024
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As part of our commitment to sustainability, a recently concluded capital project has brought new life into the hydroelectric unit at the Upper Salmon Generating Station.

With a weight of 269 metric tonnes and an assembled rotor diameter of 9.5m, the Upper Salmon generating unit has been reliably delivering 84 MW of clean energy to our province for more than 40 years. Operational since 1983, this comprehensive refurbishment project included proactive measures to ensure continued reliability.

The extensive project scope encompassed the disassembly, inspection, cleaning, testing, and refurbishment of multiple components. The rotor was removed and underwent a heat treatment (known as “rim shrinking”) to increase the overall strength of the assembly. The position of the stator and turbine were also adjusted to improve alignment and unit performance.

Multiple teams from across our organization, as well as third-party consultants, collaborated to align with many industry standards and best practices. Additionally, this work provided valuable insights that will help extend the life of this unit and can be applied to similar assets, going forward.

Later this year, the team will complete inspections to confirm the effectiveness of the work, which will allow us to safely and reliably operate the unit into the future. Overall, the project’s success showcases our in-house expertise, our commitment to effective asset management, and is another step towards increased sustainability.