At the ready: responding to Hurricane Larry

September 15th, 2021
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This past weekend, Hurricane Larry battered eastern parts of the island with damaging winds gusting in excess of 140 km/h in most areas.

Although Larry didn’t cause major outages for Hydro’s customers, our teams were well prepared and ready to respond in the event there had been any issues with our distribution, transmission or generation equipment – critical assets that provide the power needed by people in the province every day.

But when you manage the province’s electricity system, there’s always work to do! In the days following the storm, Hydro was busy inspecting all our main transmission lines on the Avalon and Burin Peninsulas, patrolling by ground and air to locate and repair any damage. And as always, our employees were ready to assist when needed, and quickly mobilized to help Newfoundland Power crews in the region. Several Hydro crews travelled to the area to help safely restore power to more than 61,000 customers that had experienced an outage due to the storm.

The preparation and response by everyone involved is a great example of how we work together to rise to the occasion when our customers need us most. Big thanks to everyone involved for being the energy our communities can all count on!

Click on the thumbnails below to see images of our crews working following Hurricane Larry.


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