Equipment Maintenance Notice – Happy Valley Goose Bay and Sheshatshiu

Newfoundland and Labrador Hydro (Hydro) will be performing equipment maintenance on a transmission line which runs between Churchill Falls and Happy Valley Goose Bay on Sunday, October 25th between 2:00AM and 10:00AM. There may be an opportunity to start the outage earlier, at midnight, if the electrical load will permit. This will be evaluated every half hour leading up to the 2:00AM start time.

All work is planned in such a way as to minimize impact on our customers. Therefore, the Happy Valley Goose Bay gas turbine will be online and available to provide back-up electricity service to customers in the area.

In the event that system loads are higher than anticipated and all customers cannot be supplied by the gas turbine the following customers may temporarily loose power. Feeders would be taken offline in the following order:

Feeder 11
Canadian Helicopters
Universal Helicopters
Heli-Excel Helicopters
Capital Crane
Labrador Coatings (Pencal)
Toronto St,
Edmonton St,
Halifax St,
Lindon St,
Ottawa St,
Regina St,
Stratford Ave,
Victoria St,
Winnipeg St

Feeder 5
Cartwright Cres,
Cartwright Rd (Grand St to Corte Real Rd),
Corte Real Rd (#1 to #31 odd #’s),
Grand St,
Grenfell St (Grand St to Corte Real Rd),
Hamilton River Rd (United Church to corner of Markland Rd),
Haven St,
Markland Rd (Corte Real Rd to Grand St)

Feeder 6
Cartwright Rd (Corte Real Rd to Hamilton River Rd_,
Commercial St, Corte Real Rd (all even #’s),
Elizabeth Ave,
Hamilton River Rd (Montagnais St to Grand St),
Markland Rd (Corte Real Rd to Hamilton River Rd),
Montagnais Rd,
Mud Lake,
Mud Lake Rd,
Paddon Rd,
Perrault Place,
Riverview Dr,
Saunders St,
Traverspine Rd.

Feeder 8
Adam’s Loop,
Bird St,
Baikie Pl,
Blake Dr,
Campbell St,
Deharving Dr (#1 & #3),
Ford St,
Garland St,
Groves St,
Hefler St,
Ikey St,
Johnny Hill Rd,
Kelland Dr,
Learning St,
Lethbridge St,
Lyall St,
Martin Cres,
Mclean Cres,
Mesher St,
Michelin St,
Pottle St,
Rendell Cres,
Tooktashina St,
Whites Cres (#1 to #35 Odds),
Winsor Dr (#75 to #91),
Transmitter Rd and the Mealy Mountain School

This is important equipment maintenance, necessary to ensure continued service reliability. Thank you for your patience.

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