Equipment Advisory: Maintenance on transmission line from Granite Canal to Upper Salmon

Newfoundland and Labrador Hydro (Hydro) advises that a transmission line from the Granite Canal to Upper Salmon generating stations will be out of service October 2, 2017, for planned maintenance.

There are no anticipated customer impacts as a result of this work.

Hydro’s annual maintenance season typically begins in spring when customer electricity demand begins to decline and extends into fall in preparation for the winter season. During this time, Hydro maintains, replaces, and upgrades electricity equipment throughout the province. This includes preventative and corrective maintenance and inspections, as well as larger capital projects. Generation units and transmission lines will be removed from service for periods of time in order to complete the work. These yearly planned equipment outages are closely monitored and coordinated to ensure customer supply and system reserve requirements are met.

This equipment advisory is part of Hydro’s commitment to keep customers informed on the status of the electricity system.