Establishing a fast-charging network is a new frontier and a big push towards a greener future for our province.

Here’s how we’re involved:

Hydro has been operating our province’s electricity system for more than 50 years. We’re focused on meeting customer needs today, while also planning ahead for the future of electricity in Newfoundland and Labrador. As the electric vehicle market continues to expand, we’re excited to be leading the charge for the province’s first fast-charging network, which will help bring us more in line with electric vehicle use across the country, all while supporting a greener future for our province.

Funding for the network was provided by the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador, Newfoundland and Labrador Hydro, and the Government of Canada through Natural Resources Canada’s Electric Vehicle and Alternative Fuel Infrastructure Deployment Initiative.

How Hydro is helping expand EV use in Newfoundland and Labrador:



Hydro is implementing and managing the province’s first fast-charging network – linking our province with an established network of fast-charging stations throughout Canada and making EV ownership a reality for the people of our province. Find out more about the types of chargers.



We will ensure residents and tourists alike are kept in the know about the province’s public fast-charging network. For more information on becoming an EV owner, please visit takeCHARGE.



This is a new frontier and a big push towards a greener future for our province. Investigating opportunities and challenges to EV charging across the province through partnerships and direct outreach to Newfoundlanders and Labradorians is the key to our shared success.

Electricity Feedback Panel

Last year, we surveyed members of our Electricity Feedback Panel to learn more about your interest in electric vehicles. This panel helps us ensure your voice is heard as we make important decisions about our electricity system. The Panel is open to all residents – join today to share your feedback!

Here’s what we heard:

  • 8
    The average number of road trips taken annually with a household vehicle.

  • 9.7
    The average number of road trips per year is higher among those likely to buy an all-electric vehicle.

  • 41%
    said a lack of available charging stations as one of the key deterrents to purchasing an all-electric vehicle.

  • 61%
    of respondents said they would be more likely to consider buying or leasing an all-electric vehicle in the next five years if a fast-charging network were available.

What’s next?

Hydro’s goal is to provide the province with safe, reliable, least-cost electricity – and we think EVs can help us along the way. Soon we’ll have a surplus of clean energy in our province. But what if we could use that energy right here at home in a way that helps the environment, increases tourism, and lowers the cost of your commute? That’s the future we see for EVs in Newfoundland and Labrador.