Payment Options

Hydro has several convenient ways for you to pay your bills.

Financial Institutions

Pay your bill at automated teller machines, over the telephone, in person at the teller or through your bank’s Internet bill payment option.

Note: There may be a delay paying your bill through the bank. Often payments are not received by Hydro until several days after your payment is made at the bank.

Paying by Mail

You can pay your bill by cheque or money order through the mail. Make cheques and money orders payable to Newfoundland and Labrador Hydro and mail, with your bill stub, in the blue envelope provided.

Note: Please do not send cash in the mail.

Pre-authorized Payment

No more worrying about cheques getting delayed in the mail, missing your due date or making trips out to pay your bill. With pre-authorized payments, paying your bill is easy and convenient.

You pay by automatic withdrawal from your bank account on the discount date of your bill. A message will appear on your bill advising you of the date, and amount of the deduction. You can also combine the Pre-authorized Payment Plan with our Equal Payment Plan.

View the form – Pre-Authorized Payment Plan Form_March 2015

Equal Payment Plan (EPP)

For the EPP, you can pay for your annual electricity usage in 12 equal payments, so each month’s payment is the same. We look at your consumption for the previous 12 months and determine your average monthly usage. Using the current electricity rates and the average monthly usage, your monthly payment is calculated for the next year.

Each year the actual consumption is compared to the billed amounts and an adjustment may apply. Quarterly adjustments may be made, if necessary. Your meter will still be read and an electrical bill showing the actual amount of electricity used will be mailed.

Signing up is easy. Contact us to make arrangements. You can also combine the Equal Payment Plan with our Pre-authorized Payment Plan.

Credit Card Payments

Newfoundland and Labrador Hydro (Hydro) does not accept credit card payments. However, you can pay your Hydro bill with a credit card through Plastiq, a third party online payment service. Customers can use MasterCard, American Express or VISA*. Plastiq is not an official agent or partner of Hydro, but a third party agency which collects credit card payments and redirects them for customers for a fee.

To complete a transaction you will need your credit card details, payment amount, as well as the name and account number of your Hydro account. Please note a fee of 2.5% will be charged to your card by Plastiq to complete the transaction. Payments take approximately 3-6 business days to process.  Click below or call Plastiq at 1-844-PLASTIQ (1-844-752-7847).

*Plastiq accepts VISAs issued by 8 of the 10 issuers in Canada. Please be advised that payments made to Plastiq using VISA cards issued by either TD Bank or RBC are treated as cash advances by these financial institutions. As a result, these transactions will incur additional charges/fees typically associated with credit card cash advances. Points are not accrued on payments made with these cards.

Billing Information System

You can access your billing information through our online information system. This system will give you direct access to your account information. Your account number and meter number are required to access this information.

For more information on billing and payment options, please contact us at