About Heat Pumps

What is a heat pump?

A heat pump is an energy efficient form of heating and cooling. Powered by electricity, it extracts heat from the air or ground and moves it inside your home to provide heating. They warm or cool your home by moving heat from one area to another. While homeowners in Newfoundland and Labrador generally use heat pumps for heating, it’s important to note that heat pumps can also provide air conditioning. Because the process involves moving existing heat rather than generating it, a heat pump can heat or cool your home using considerably less energy.

How heat pumps work

A heat pump system typically consists of two parts: an indoor unit, commonly called an air handler, and an outdoor unit, which contains the compressor or “engine” of the heat pump. The compressor circulates a high-pressure liquid refrigerant that absorbs and releases heat as it travels between the indoor and outdoor units. Even when temperatures fall below zero, heat pumps are able to extract and transfer heat.

Types of heat pumps

Cost and comfort will be two considerations when making the decision to heat one or more areas of your home with a heat pump.

  • A mini-split heat pump has one outdoor unit connected to one indoor head covering one area of your home. In some instances it might make sense to install two mini-split units.
  • A multi-split heat pump has one outdoor unit with two or more indoor heads covering multiple areas of your home.
  • A central-ducted heat pump has one outdoor unit connected to one indoor unit, with the heat being distributed from the unit through ductwork or vents throughout your home. To maximize efficiency and reduce the chance of flickering lights, ask your installer for a unit with a “variable speed drive” or “soft start”.

Benefits of a heat pump

When properly installed, heat pumps can offer a number of benefits. These include lower electrical bills, increased comfort levels, and the convenience of not having to adjust the thermostat. Day and night, a heat pump can heat or cool your home while still using less energy than other heating systems. And who can argue with air conditioning on hot summer nights?

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