Customer Reminder: Testing and Final Commissioning Continues on CT

Newfoundland and Labrador Hydro (Hydro) is reminding customers on the Island that testing and final commissioning continues on the Combustion Turbine plant in Holyrood. 

Over the past weeks, Hydro has continued testing and commissioning of the new Combustion Turbine plant in Holyrood and during that period the company had several successful run ups of the plant and was generating to the electricity grid. These runs have been completed at times to avoid and minimize the  potential for customer impact –  after peak periods and when weather conditions have been favourable. As well, during testing and commissioning, the plant has been available to provide power to the electricity system if required during contingency situations.

As Hydro continues testing higher loads on-line, the company would like to remind customers there may be some potential for short power interruptions. If there is a loss of supply impacting customers during this time, power restoration will begin as soon as possible using existing generation reserves. If outages do occur, they are expected to be short in duration.

Again, Hydro would like to reiterate that we expect to be able to continue meeting customer demand during the final commissioning of the unit. Generation plants across the province continue to perform well; and generation reserves remain strong.

Hydro is committed to keeping customers and the public informed and we will continue to update on progress.