Combustion Turbine Plant Connected to Island System

Newfoundland and Labrador Hydro today successfully connected the combustion turbine plant in Holyrood to the island electricity system.

Upon synchronizing with the system, the plant was run up to 40MWs successfully. The project team will continue testing over the next week at various loads. During this period, there may be some potential for brief power interruptions. Although it is not expected, Hydro is taking all steps possible to prevent such disruptions through the execution of a safe and carefully prepared commissioning plan.

During the on-line testing process, the combustion turbine can be called upon to support generation in the unlikely scenario that there is a system event which requires additional power for customers. Hydro does not anticipate any issues meeting customer demand in the days ahead. Our existing generation fleet across the province is performing well and reserves remain strong.

Once fully commissioned, the combustion turbine will add 123.5 MW of reserve capacity to our existing generation fleet. It is considered a peaking plant and will be used for high demand and emergency periods.