What to Expect When Being Interviewed

To prepare for an upcoming interview, the following is an outline of what you can expect prior to, during and after an interview.


If selected for an interview, you will be contacted with the details of the location and time of the interview and to confirm your availability. The interview may be done either in person, or by telephone or video conference.

As safety is top of mind in everything we do, there are some general safety and health guidelines that all candidates are asked to follow when visiting any of our locations:

  • We encourage reverse parking for all employees and visitors when visiting our locations. It is well accepted and it is much safer to back in than to back out.
  • Our facilities are scent free and for the health and safety of our employees we encourage all visitors and employees to avoid scented products such as perfume, cologne, and other personal care scented products such as soap, deodorant, scented fabric softener, laundry detergent and any other scented product.

For in-person interviews, you will be required to check in with reception and follow their instructions. For most locations, you will be issued a visitors pass and may be required to do a safety orientation prior to the interview.

Interview process

When making a selection decision, Hydro will look for the candidate who exhibits both technical competence and behaviours that are conducive to success. As such, we will ask some questions that are job specific and others that are behavioural based.

Job-specific questions will look at specific skills related to a particular job. These questions focus on how well your skill set fits with the specific skills and abilities required for the job.

Behavioural-based questions will ask you for a specific example where you exhibited a certain behaviour. Behavioural-based interviewing is based on the principle that past behaviour is the best predictor of future behaviour. We will look at how you have handled situations in the past to understand how you are likely to handle similar situation in the future.

For example, a behavioural-based question will begin with “Describe a situation when…” or “Tell me about a time when…” The response should describe a specific situation in which you had direct involvement. Using this method, there are no right or wrong answers – there is simply an exchange of information based on your past experiences.

Most interviews will take approximately one hour. For in-person interviews, you will return your visitors pass once the interview has concluded.


Once all interviews have been concluded, a decision will be made regarding next steps. In some situations, a second interview may be required.

Although the timeline will vary, all candidates that have been interviewed will be notified once the position has been filled in as timely a manner as possible.